About Us

The WindSolPlant Ltd. company was re-filed in April, 1994 from the Institute of Scientific Applied Research, affiliated previously with “Alliance” Scientific Industrial Association, re-arranged the same year. The goal of restructing was the research extension and converting the scientific knowledge into the production technologies with further commercializing.

One of the main tasks was the research, development (R&D) and practical implementation of “green” technologies giving high ecological effect in industrial and residential operations.  The research had covered the anthropogenic environmental impact factor evaluation with elaboration of specific recommendations and technical tools for minimizing this impact at the industrial companies in Latvia, including the former military objects, agricultural giant authorities, improving territories bordering upon the highways and rail facilities.

In 2012 the company was concerned with CO/CO2 emissions increasing impact and arranged on voluntary lines and Ecological Society involving Scientists, Engineers and Businessmen became later a shareholders.

The tasks of the Society were as follows:

– design and development of the efficient renewable energy technologies including wind and solar power plants using the innovative solutions (Section 1.1); the solutions implied a corresponding improvements in ecological and economic indices;

– getting the practical results to TRL 6-7 level with the development of operatingtechnological prototypes under the appropriate financing;

– lifting up the state of the art solutions and the potentials of alternative energy in the programs of legislative and executive authorities.

The development of innovative solutions from separate renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, batteries, etc. and technical improvements have leaded to the integration of all components into hybrid system where the electric energy sources duplicate each other, increasing the reliability of power supply to maximum. After series of successful testing of the developed prototypes of modules a number of entities have proved the high quality and reliability of the hybrid power plant.