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If you are interested in alternative power, “green” electricity or so-called renewable power sources, then consider the local conditions of region before purchasing the equipment. They should be taken into account.

If the wind is blowing constantly and no sun then buy the Wind Turbine!
If there is almost no wind but the sun is shining the whole year – the solar panels (photovoltaic batteries) should be installed.
If there is no wind, no sun but geysers are located near your house – go and buy geothermal power source.
If there is no anything listed above but you live near the river then build the hydro-station.
If you can see the ocean or sea from your window then you can use the power of surf, waves, ebb and flow, etc.

Our site is devoted to Wind Turbines – machines which can be used as autonomous power sources.

If you don’t have any power supply and you decided that you actually need the wind powered electric source, then carefully study the wind conditions in your region. The map of the winds from the local meteorology station will be perfect for that.

In some places the wind is blowing constantly. These are the places where the Wind Turbines should operate well. However there are places where the wind is episodic.

For uninterrupted energy supply it’s necessary to determine:
•    Power of Wind Turbine and inverter
•    Number of batteries
•    Height of mast

If you have some alternative (for instance, the grid) and you just want to reduce your monthly electricity bills, it’s required to calculate the payback of Turbine. It cannot be calculated on this page as it uses the cost of kW-hour which is different in the World.

However you can make the cost estimation and evaluate the payback period of time on the base of our instructions.

For instance 3 kW Wind Turbine produces the following power on different wind speeds:





















Table shows that at 6 m/sec average annual wind speed the produced power is 700 Watt, or 700 W/hour, or 16.8 kW/day, or 504 kW-hours/month, or 6,048 kW-hours/year. Let’s say the cost of 1 kW-hour is $0.1. Then Wind Turbine will save 6,048kW-hours x $0.1 = $604 per year (i.e. consumer doesn’t have to pay this amount to his grid supplier as this energy is produced by the Turbine absolutely for free).

It is necessary to understand that the Wind Turbine operates only when there is enough wind for its rotation. When there is no wind, the energy can be supplied from preliminary charged batteries and/or diesel or gasoline generator. For those who have grid and want to reduce electricity bills, the problem may appear when there is no wind and no power in grid.

Recently the purchase of Wind Turbine combined with the uninterrupted power supply system, is even less expensive than the connection to local traditional energy source with power line installation. In each specific case the costs should be compared carefully. When purchasing the Wind Turbine you will forget about electricians, unauthorized disconnection and electricity bills forever…