Wind Turbines (Wind Power Generators or Units) designed by WindSolPlant Ltd., are one of the most efficient in the World. They are, fabricated and tested in different climatic conditions by the group of Latvian, Russian un American scientists.

The optimal shape of the blade was developed as a result of the joint research of our scientists. The original shape of rotor together with optimal blade profile give the real efficiency up to 38% (ideal 42%) at any wind direction. The blades of 30 kW turbines can be optionally equipped by wing flaps which allow even to increase the power.

The top of the development of scientific research is the patented Wind Rotor (wind wheel) of wind turbine. It has great advantages comparing to the other analogs – self-starting on 3.5 m/sec wind speed, smooth rotation due to two-story design where the top blades are displaced regarding the bottom on 60 degrees, optimal angle of attack and much more. One of the main advantages is the ability of “catching” wind gusts. I.e. if anemometer shows 1 or even 0 m/sec, the rotor of wind turbine may rotate so as the wind speed was 6 m/sec.

The speed of rotation of wind rotor is being stabilized on the determined revolutions per minute due to Aerodynamic Brakes designed by our team scientists, which do not allow further accelerating of rotor.


The combined wind powered hydrogen no-break power supply and water purification on the base of Wind Turbine is on the research and design (R&D) stage.

Water Purification module (Water Purifier or WaterFier) purifies sea or mineral (ground) water to drinking, as well as can be considered as water supply device for hydrogen generating module.

Hydrogen module separates purified water to hydrogen and oxygen, with further use of hydrogen in the following applications
– source of electric energy during no wind when wind turbine doesn’t operate
– fuel for automobile and other machines

The developments of “WindSolPlant”, Ltd. cover the wide spectrum of unique useful industrial and personal techniques including:

Refrigerating unit based on Pelte element is high efficient system of cooling and freezing.

Heater of house (water) on the base of Wind Turbine without complex expensive devices allows heating the room due to the use of direct alternator output of Wind Power Generator for power supply of heating element.

And much more…