Solar Panels

WindSolPlant does not fabricate solar panels. However they can be included into the set of electric equipment to be shipped to the customer for autonomous power supply of faraway located objects. The system is especially efficient where the weather is changing from windy to sunny and vice versa.

Solar power module on the base of FSM-50 includes:
– basic solar panels,
– controller of batery charge/discharge,
– VDC/VAC inverter for getting 220/110VAC, 50/60Hz,
– batteries,
– wiring,
– system of sun locating (option).

The system of sun locating provides the optimal process of battery charge due to the change of vertical and horizontal angles of panel plate.

On the base of silicon solar components the scientists of the company may develop autonomous systems of any house power supply by standard VAC current up to 20 kWh consumption in accordance to customer needs.